Southeast Asia

In the summer of 2007, I went to Southeast Asia for six and a half weeks to work on a documentary project discussing human trafficking. What I saw and experienced changed my life. I went there as an idealistic youth, thinking that I would be a major force in stopping this modern-day form of slavery. I left hopeless, overwhelmed and in disbelief that the world could be so unbalanced, so cruel.

After a while though, I realized I have a voice, and though I can´t stop the demoralization of human beings, I can at least share what I saw, do for them what they themselves cannot.

There are people in the world being abused and traded around like cattle who have no voice, who don´t know freedom. There are little girls having sex with men in order to survive. And while AIDS continues to be most prevalent in Africa, it is the fastest spreading disease in Southeast Asia.

Education breaks down barriers. Be informed, know what´s happening in your world.

-Kendal Montgomery

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