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How’s that for an opening photo? Many moons ago, I saw Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii , and just knew I’d end up there some day, fascinated by this ancient city partly destroyed, partly preserved by Mt. […]

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Neighbor Joe

Years and years ago, I’d walk all around our property, camera in hand, looking to capture something interesting. It was usually flowers or bugs, but one day while up in the woods, I noticed neighbor […]

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Popping Poppies

Poppies Popping. A short-lived, most fascinating flower. My grandmother’s favorite.

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Naples is full of personality. It’s gritty, gorgeous, chaotic, full of culture and man is it an amazing city for siting down and eating. It’s the kind of place where you highly anticipate your next […]

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Charlie Montgomery

This is the story of a man who worked hard and loved what he did. About a man who married a most wonderful woman, with whom he had two children. His son tried to mimic […]

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Funeral Flowers

When a beloved man dies, flowers are sent to soften the blow. The multitude of colors, the pleasant smells…they don’t necessarily help ease the pain, but at least they make that pain a little prettier.

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I didn´t actually mean to end up wandering around Utrecht´s inner streets for several hours, but I got lost and made the most of it. 

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La Serena

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Camera down. Bahama-mode on.

I was way into the beaches and spending time with family, and not into my camera. I did however enjoy this sunrise on our last morning in Great Exuma. The Bahamas is simply gorgeous.

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Isla Negra

Chile has a plethora of quaint coastal towns that I love. Isla Negra one of them, an hour and a half drive from Santiago and often referred to as a place of inspiration for artists. […]

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How much is that doggy on the rooftop?

Actually, you really wouldn´t want to price check this little yapper. He was actually quite annoying as I tried to photograph Isla Negra for a work project. He did stop barking while I zoomed in […]

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The House of Cards reminded that me once, not so long ago, I went to Russia. I went for work, but had a free afternoon, so I went to go see Red Square.

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Salto el Puma

Still, more photos from Huilo Huilo. I’ve heard there is currently next to no water in the Salto el Puma. Chile is in a drought. Here’s hoping that rains come soon…  

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If I had taken even one thousandth of the photos as calories consumed in Paris, this would be a much different phlog…

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Exploring the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, traipsing through the Patagonian Rainforest…so many interesting things to see!

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I want to maintain this part of me

I have been in a smart phone rut. It’s so much easier to just take pictures, write stuff, upload it, all from one sleek, smart device.

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Huilo Huilo

Huilo Huilo is magical. A giant treehouse compound in the middle of the Patagonian Rainforest.

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Lago Pirihueico

I really love the south of Chile. Lakes and volcanoes are everywhere, and the air…it’s so pure, only tainted by the cozy smell of burning firewood. 

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Be proud about whatever you’re about.

There is nothing better than a person letting you get right up in their face with your camera. 

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The Florida Everglades

We went to eat frog legs, drink a cold beer and glide around the Florida Everglades in an airboat. The water was low and the sun was hot, so most creatures stayed hidden somewhere in the […]

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West Virginia

Mountaineers are always free. And alas, my 2014 trip to WV comes to an end…

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The Donut Shop

If you ever find yourself driving through Buckhannon, WV, a pit stop at The Donut Shop is a must.

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Smoke Hole Caverns

The inside of the Earth is a strange place.

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Blackwater Falls

The Blackwater River runs through the Allegheny Mountains in the eastern part of wild and wonderful. At one point, after flowing peacefully through the Canaan Valley, it plunges some 60 feet, entering the Blackwater Canyon.

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Cheat Mountain

Not the giant jagged peaks I’ve grown accustomed to here in Chile, rather lush rolling mountains. Country roads that leave me with fond memories of my grandparents and my childhood. 

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